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Supervision & Consulting

Dr. DuMont has been providing supervision to both registered psychologist and unlicensed MFT's and MSW's since early 2008. She has become very familiar with a variety of clinical cases, updated law and ethics and techniques useful for instilling good clinical decision-making in staff hoping to sit for licensure. Dr. DuMont has used various teaching methods that her unlicensed staff report we're not only beneficial in developing outstanding clinical skills but useful in passing the exam eventually required for licensure.

She has spent countless hours providing both group and individual supervision to over 40 staff throughout the last several years. Dr. DuMont goes above and beyond the requirements of both the Board of Psychology and the Board of Behavioral Sciences for supervision, not only by providing more than the minimum hours required for supervision but also being available for clinical observation of special cases and making herself available for consultation at any time staff need it. Real cases are used for training purposes, video recordings of live sessions are also used for review when available and one-on-one in real-time supervision is also an option.


Dr. DuMont has stated that she feels there are fewer things as important to good supervision of Staff seeking to sit for licensure and eventually working independently. "The field involves all of us, many work in isolation and as a result threatened the safety of not only the patients success but their own license. I take supervision and consultation with my staff and colleagues very seriously and make the time to engage in both regularly in my private practice."

As stated and Dr. DuMont comment above she also engages and Consultation Services for outside agencies and individualized practitioners. She has been contacted by various group practices to assist with the development of training programs for supervision as well as program development for new therapist in the field. Dr. DuMont has been invited to speak at graduate programs do to her knowledge and often makes an appearance as a guest speaker and graduate classes to increase awareness and various issues related to the field. Dr. DuMont also performs review of composition exam for students looking to pass graduation classes and obtain their master's degree from Argosy University.

"I have had several supervisors and not one has been able to teach me as much as Dr. DuMont on how to provide appropriate treatment to my patients."


"Dr. DuMont cares about me my patients and how successful my work is she is always available to answer any clinical care questions."


"I am lucky to have found Dr. DuMont to supervise me. Her knowledge is superior to any supervisor I haven't had and she
is always the person to know the ethics and steps to protect my clients and my future."


"Supervision is actually fun now Dr. DuMont has found teaching methods that keep me engaged and learning something new every week we meet."


"Thanks to Dr. DuMont I finally passed the exam to be licensed as an MFT, after attempting to take the test 4 times and I could not have done it without her!"

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