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Our group has a variety of staff that practice a large number of therapy modalities. It is important to note that the staff are generally trained in one particular therapy, but pull from other therapies to meet the need of the client. With that being said, the approach is client based and centers on the needs and the concerns of each specific client that comes into our practice.


Due to our current population, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) is one that might be seen more widely in our practice. The reason that CBT is used is that it is the standard of practice for a number of different diagnosis currently being treated and has shown to be highly effective in the management of issues such as anxiety, depression, and mood management. Psychotherapy using CBT is a helpful method as it has shown to be useful in helping people change unwanted, unhelpful, or unhealthy habits of thinking, feeling and behaving. 


When working with children and families we add the use of family therapy aimed at getting improved communication and attention to the family as a whole. In some cases the therapy is more variable and can include a Freudian Approach, but again, this will depend on the psychotherapist you are assigned to and the concerns that you bring to the table.


The overall goal is to treat what you are asking for assistance with and as a good therapist we will modify to fit your needs. The assigned therapist is open to your feedback at all times. 


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